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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Triangle [2009]

Genre movie kali nie psychological horror menampilkan ratu filem horror/thriller, melissa george yg feymes ngan citer remake of the amityville horror, 30 days of night n a lonely place to nie pasal jess (melissa george) yg join greg (michael dorman) dlm pelayaran gn yatch along with greg's friends....on the journey tue, yatch tue rosak lps kn ribut....nasib bek ada sebuah cruise so diorang pon nek yg peliknya cruise tue cam xde org je n jess lak cam deja vu je, rs cam dia prnah nek cruise tue....yg len lak try cari ahli crew cruise tue tp len plak jess yg terjumpa kunci umah yg ada pic tommy (joshua mclvor), anak laki jess yg merupakan sorang's kind of mind messing game n u really didn't want to be a part of it....anyway, citer nie quite interesting coz even it's overplayed, n it's keep repeating but with every time, with different angle....the reason apsal jd camtu lak mmg xdpt diketahui even until the end of the story...huuuu....ak nie lak mmg jenis nak taw  apsal it has to be that way, even its illogical, as long as there is a reason, so just be maybe as the title goes, simboliknya cam kejadian kat segitiga bermuda....

My Stars:

Melissa George as Jess
Michael Dorman as Greg
Joshua Mclvor as Tommy


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