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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Law Abiding Citizen [2009]

Rough!!!!! My man, gerard butler portray as clyde yg kematian anak bini bila dua penyerang pecah masuk umah diorang....n sadly, no justice was prevail bcoz of a coward prosecutor, nick (jamie foxx)....huuuu...mmg geram tol r ngan nick, ada ke patut just bcoz xnak lowerkan dianyer conviction rate, sanggup pecah amanah....but there is no surprises coz bak kata org, nowadays, we live in a corrupt world kan....huuuu....anyway, mmg dia deserve r ngan apa yg clyde wat...dh kena kat family sendiri, taw lak nak rs geram misunderstanding here, for sure r clyde xkan papekan sesapa yg xterlibat dlm kematian family dia, physically, but a little bit of mentally tue ada r with vengeance n hatred yg meluap2, clyde pon laksanakan mission dia utk mencari keadilan ngan cara dia dia wat diri sendiri tertangkap, cam prison break lak, tp ngan cara berbeza r utk questioning the decision from the corrupt criminal justice system tue....n the way he accomplish his sweet revenge tue mmg splendid r....not that ak support org wat crime, tp dh diorang nie mmg deserve ending dia cam xcool sgt coz diorang wat clyde mati n balasan utk nick tue cam xseberapa je ngan emotional pain n suffering seorg ayah yg bru kematian anak bini ngan penuh tragik...huuuu....sad, tp bese r dia pon ada wat crimes even for the good purposes, kn terima balasan gak...huuu.....pape pon definitely the best revenge movie!!! love gerard butler since p.s i love you...he clearly can be a romantic n loving husband in there, n here, action thriller film, he still nailed it.....heeeee.....he is beyond any doubt an A list actor!!!

My Stars:

Gerard Butler as Clyde
Jamie Foxx as Nick

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