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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan [2010]

Jdorama nie psl dua org students yg ada opposite characters but actually their roles tue cam bertukar...bkn body swap ek, cuma behavior yg berubah...hee...daichi (narimiya hiroki) yg dlnyer bdk yg bek tp bertukar jd quite aggressive n some kind of rebellious type bila dh msk high school n xmo terlibat dlm mana2 school activities...meanwhile, adachi (naka riisa), kalo kt tgk dia cam typical class president, yg cam bijak n always follow the rules, tp in fact, she's actually not so smart n used to be a yankee (bdk bermasalah aka delinquent dlm japanese)....basically it's all about school life...n all the actors are amazing...i've became naka riisa's fan when i watched her in this series....heee...n narimiya hiroki as always, a stunning star with a humor scent...heee...but just 4 stars yg leh bg utk series nie coz the storyline afterwards cam dh leh predict...huuu...maybe sbb dh terlalu byk tgk jdorama yg cam nie kot...huuu...pape pon still enjoy...heee

My Stars: 

Narimiya Hiroki as Daichi
Naka Riisa as Adachi


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